Maclay Gardens State Park

Florida Disabled Outdoors Association

The Florida Disabled Outdoors Association has changed the location for its annual SportsAbility event. The new location will allow easy access for participation. 

azaleas; Maclay Gardens
Kate Payne

Observant local residents may be noticing it’s looking a lot like springtime in Tallahassee. Walking down the red brick path at Maclay Gardens State Park in Northeast Tallahassee, flowers are everywhere. Thirty foot high Japanese magnolias tower above rows of camellias. Soft pink and deep fuchsia petals dust the ground. And then there’s the rows and rows of February.

Florida State Parks To Feature Geocaching Tour

Jun 26, 2014
Maclay Gardens
Matthew Stolpe / WFSU News

Florida state parks are inviting visitors to try their hand at treasure-hunting this summer. More than 70 parks and trails are part of a high-tech quest to find hidden containers.

People all over the world participate in this game, known as geocaching. Players, or “cachers,” hunt down the caches using GPS-enabled devices, and log their progress both in the cache and on the internet.