Leon County Tax Collector's Office

Starting Tuesday, Leon residents interested in purchasing a birth or death certificate will now have to go to a new location.  The health department’s Vital Statistics Office is now at a local clinic.

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More technology is on the minds of two candidates running for tax collector in Leon County. John Paul Bailey is running as a Republican. He says that’s how an increasing number of citizens prefer to conduct business.

New Addition To Leon Tax Collector Race

Jun 27, 2016
John Paul Bailey


Leon County Tax Collector incumbent Doris Maloy was running unopposed until Thursday, when a new face entered the race last-minute.

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Over the next few weeks, Florida lawmakers are slated to take up a series of gun-related measures, from fixes to Florida’s Stand Your Ground law to enhancing penalties for insurers who discriminate against gun-owners. But, while some bills appear to be moving quickly through the Legislature, others appear to be stalled in the legislative process.

"Right To Be A Kid" Bill

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A state lawmaker is hoping to legislatively pursue an effort to automatically register Florida voters when they get a new driver’s license. While some say it could make for a more efficient voter registration process, some wonder if there could be a negative impact as well.

“Ticket number 76, Station 2. Last call, number 76.”

Renee Bourdeau is about to get her name changed on her new Florida driver’s license at the Leon County Tax Collector’s office.