Leon County Schools

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Leon County Schools Superintendent Rocky Hanna announced Monday his new Work Days initiative. He wants to learn more about a range of jobs within the school district, so he can do his own better.

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Jennifer Powell has been named Leon County’s Teacher of the Year. 


Compressed Natural Gas is making an impact on Leon County Schools, fueling district buses with compressed natural gas from Nopetro stations.  

Leon County Schools Prepare For Bump In Enrollment

Oct 2, 2017
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With thousands of Puerto Rican families expected to come to Florida following Hurricane Maria, Leon County Schools are preparing for  bump in enrollment.

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All Leon County Schools will remain open this week. Based on the projected path of Hurricane Irma, county officials say there is less chance of severe weather affecting the district Friday. 

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United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos visited Leon County Tuesday, making stops at Holy Comforter Episcopal School and the Florida State University Research School. DeVos used the trip to champion school choice and individual liberties.

Leon County Schools

Leon County Schools Superintendent Rocky Hanna is walking back his statements on how candidates should get the job.

Leon Teacher Arrested For Sex With Student

Dec 8, 2016
Brad Casalvieri
Leon County Sheriff's Office

A Leon High School teacher has been arrested for sex with a student. Brad Casalvieri faces two dozen counts of sexual assault.


Tallahassee is not Flint say Leon School Board members, city officials and researchers who found lead the water supply for area schools.  The Leon School Board took up the issue Thursday.

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The Leon County School Board is planning a special meeting to discuss lead levels in the district’s drinking water.


Florida has been trying to turn back the scales on childhood and adolescent obesity and rates have declined in recent years. Still, the numbers are too high for many, and one group is asking the Leon County School District to do more to keep kids at a healthy weight.

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Whole Child Leon’s trying to call attention to health and education challenges facing local kids and families. And as they point out problems,  the group is also offering suggestions on how the community can help.  


Leon County schools will soon start, and officials are preparing to make sure parents and kids are Zika prepared.

Report Card
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School Districts across the state are bracing for letter grade drops now that the Florida Department of Education has released school grades.

A new high school on Leon’s Southside? The state tanked the idea a few months ago, but the Leon County School District is trying again. The school district is reapplying for a new high school.

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A meeting on a proposed community school in Southern Tallahassee was abruptly canceled Thursday. It's the latest in the fight between school superintendent Jackie Pons and City commissioner Gil Ziffer over the plan.

Leon County Schools

The Florida Department of Education has rejected the Leon County School District’s request to build a new high school.  Numbers show most of the district’s schools are not at capacity.

Parents listen and discuss ideas for opting out of state exams in Leon County.
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Leon County students will begin taking the Florida Standards Assessment next week. Those tests will be used to grade and evaluate schools, teachers, districts, and students. But not everyone is supportive of how the tests are used. And some parents are opting out of the system. In Leon County, the opt out movement is just getting off the ground.

Rep. Gwen Graham Mourns Rod Durham On House Floor

Mar 15, 2016
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North Florida Congresswoman Gwen Graham mourned Tallahassee teacher Rod Durham Tuesday on the floor of the House of Representatives. The beloved drama and English teacher died over the weekend at the age of 52.

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Update: Investigators determined the fire was intentional.

Leon High School canceled classes Monday morning after a fire, and will continue to be closed Tuesday. School officials say they hope to reopen the school Wednesday. No students or faculty were injured. 

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The diary of Anne Frank has reached millions of readers since its publication in 1947. A new exhibit on the life and diary of Frank aims to inspire Leon County students.

Hawks Rise Elementary is the latest Leon County School to receive a national award. The school has been named as one of the federal governments Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence. .

Leon County School Superintendent Jackie Pons says he won’t use results on the state’s new exam to evaluate teachers. But he may not have a choice. A powerful state Senator is warning the district to properly implement the state's revised teacher evaluation law.

Jackie Pons speaking with a constituent at a Village Square event in 2013.
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Leon County Schools Superintendent Jackie Pons will run for re-election. He's going for his fourth term in the office. 

Stuart Greenberg speaks in Aug. 2012 to teachers during a regional Common Core training seminar.
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A Leon County school district administrator is seeking a superintendent’s job….in Nashville, Tennessee. Longtime state and local administrator Stu Greenberg is on the job hunt.