Lance Dehaven-Smith

Lawmakers Attempt To Nix Archaic Laws

Dec 13, 2013
Wikimedia Commons

The month of March at the Florida Capitol is usually a time for legislators to add to state statutes. But, one lawmaker wants to use the 2014 legislative session as an opportunity for spring cleaning. A bill repealing a ban on cohabitation may open a dialogue about the need to clean up the state’s books.

Scott Chandler and Matilda Parker have been dating since their senior year in high school. They’ve been living together for a couple of years now and the couple said the reason for their living arrangement is a simple monetary calculation.

Lakeland Republican Senator Kelli Stargel petitioned her colleagues in the Senate Criminal Justice Committee to broaden an existing ban on pornography. The law already prohibits sex-offenders from viewing or possessing pornography related to their conviction. Florida Action Committee President Gail Colletta agreed reforms to sex offender statutes are needed but questioned the senator’s approach.