Jefferson Correctional Institute

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Two former Jefferson Correctional officers are now facing charges of official misconduct and unlawful compensation, following their arrests last month. An investigation found they smuggled in contraband and had inappropriate relations with inmates.

Legislative budget leaders have come to an agreement regarding some of the prison slated to close that could save the state millions of dollars. But, as Sascha Cordner reports, while budget negotiators agreed to keep Jefferson Correctional Institution open, another correctional facility got sacrificed during the budgetary process.

“Most of us have two jobs just to support our jobs, and it’s hard to keep your head up and do the job that you’re supposed to do, when instead you’re getting slapped in the face.”

Wednesday’s  Florida House Session was a marathon.  Tom Flanigan reports members kicked things off promptly at a quarter-til-eleven in the morning and were scheduled to plow through the budget process until seven in the evening.

There was a palpable sense of urgency in the Florida House of Representatives today:

“We are officially today at the halftime point of our sixty-day session.  And last week we passed the redistricting bills and today we’ll begin consideration of the second of our two constitutional duties, which is to pass a balanced budget.”