Half-penny sales tax

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For the first time in years, Florida’s public, K-12 schools are slated to get state money for construction and maintenance. But school officials say while they’re grateful for what’s been proposed, they’re not ready to start counting those dollars just yet.

Governor Rick Scott’s proposed budget allocates  $80 million for new roofs, air conditioners and other overdue maintenance projects at the state’s more than 3,500 public schools. It may sound like a lot of money, but Halandale Beach Democratic Representative Joe Gibbons says it won’t go very far.

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Tallahassee and Leon County are edging closer to funding a major renovation at the site of the first American Christmas, off of Lafayette Street. The local governments are considering investing in the historic site after the Legislature set aside money this year. And it's all with the goal of making it tourist-friendly so it can be marketed to the masses.

The site of the first Christmas celebrated in North America, likely in the mid-1500s by Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto, is marked by a small sign. It has a gravel parking lot with no room for buses to turn around.

Leon County Keeps Half Penny Sales Tax

Nov 6, 2012

Leon County’s half penny sales tax has been extended for another 15 years after voters approved the measure on Tuesday. 

The county surtax passed with 67 percent voter approval.  It would have expired at the end of this year. Supporters of the half penny tax, like Steve Uhlfelder, Chairman of the Leon Alliance for Better County Schools, said the fight to keep the tax wasn’t easy.

An extension of Leon County’s half penny sales tax for public schools could be in trouble.  The proposal sits at the bottom of this year’s ballot, and supporters of the tax say that could pose a serious problem come Election Day.