Florida Wildlife Center

LHatter / WFSUNews

The Florida Keys boasts a variety of flora and fauna, and tourists flock to the region to soak up the sun and enjoy the climate. The area has tried hard to protect its vanishing native wildlife in recent years, and repel the invaders who could harm the natural balance. But not all invasive species are of the ‘exotic’ variety.

LHatter / WFSU News

Florida is famous for its plants and animals so it stands to reason a state built on tourism would fight invasive species to keep its native populations going strong. But in Key West, birds of many feathers, flock together.

The Key West Wildlife Center is tucked behind a large group of palm trees, in a shady parking lot across from a busy beach. But it’s little corner of paradise is drastically different from the short island shrubs and hot pavement spread right out in front of it.