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Florida Department of Education

The Florida Board of Education’s new budget request promotes Governor Rick Scott’s pledge for record funding of K-12 public schools. If it’s approved by the legislature this Spring, the $17.5 billion request would one for the record books.

Scott has made education funding a priority for the past two years, a reversal from his first year in office when the legislature approved a $1.3 billion cut to public schools. The money has been steadily increasing since then. Now Scott is campaigning on even more money for education.


Story Update: Just days after voting to opt out of statewide testing, the Lee County School board rescinded its vote.


Lee County made history Wednesday night when school board members voted to opt out of statewide testing effective immediately.

After hearing from dozens of impassioned local activists and parents, Lee County School Board members voted to end state testing in the county’s schools. Supporters, like opt-out sponsor Tom Scott,  say it’s an effort to curb excessive standardized testing.