Florida Congressional District Two

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The 115th Congress took their oaths Tuesday, becoming the most diverse class of lawmakers yet. The cohort includes North Florida’s brand new delegation: Republicans Matt Gaetz of Fort Walton Beach, Neal Dunn of Panama City, and Democrat Al Lawson of Tallahassee. All are freshmen members of Congress, though Gaetz and Lawson both served in the Florida Legislature. Paul Ryan, the newly re-elected Speaker of the House, swore in the representatives together.

Branch St.
Nick Evans

A congressional border runs right through the middle of Tallahassee’s Levy Park neighborhood, and residents on opposite sides of Branch Street will soon be represented by different people—likely from different parties.

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Two North Florida congressional candidates are hoping to reach voters who are turned off by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Democrats Steve Specht and Walt Dartland are running in the predominantly conservative Florida Panhandle, Specht in District 1 and Dartland in District 2.

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During election season in North Florida, voters can’t go far without tripping over one campaign sign or another. But this year, the art of one candidate in particular is standing out.

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Republican Doctor Neal Dunn came out on top with about a two percentage point difference between him and his opponent Attorney Mary Thomas. Attorney Ken Sukhia took third with about 19 percent of state votes.

Levy Park, neighborhood of the year.
Nick Evans

When Florida voters head to the polls on Tuesday and again in November, many will be voting in a new congressional district. Nick Evans and Kate Payne look at what redistricting means for one Tallahassee neighborhood.

Brown Fights Lawson, Prosecutors In Re-Election Bid

Aug 24, 2016
Brown at lectern
Office of Corrine Brown

She has a way of leaning into a question --- literally and sometimes figuratively --- that can make a press conference with Congresswoman Corrine Brown resemble a form of combat. And on a recent night, going back and forth with a reporter after a debate with her two primary opponents, Brown finally had it with a series of questions about a criminal indictment that threatens her decades-long political career.

"Are you a pedophile?" she demanded of the reporter. "No."

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Each candidate for Florida Congressional District Two – which runs along the coast from *Panama City almost to Ocala – is calling for immigration reform. But their strategies vary.

Republican Congressional hopeful Mary Thomas accepting the endorsement of Gun Owners of America in Tallahassee.
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Florida’s panhandle is a conservative stronghold that reliably sends Republicans and the occasional centrist democrats to Congress.  Because of that, conventional party distinctions don’t play out the same way they do in other parts of the country.

Florida Supreme Court

A Republican candidate for Congressional District Two is focused on taking down terrorism, while a Democratic candidate wants to work across the aisle. The new Congressional District Two runs from Bay County down to Levy. It includes the southeast to central part of Leon County.

National Gun Group Endorses Mary Thomas For Congress

Jul 20, 2016
Mary Thomas, a Republican candidate for North Florida's Congressional District Two
Mary Thomas

Following a spate of high-profile shooting deaths nationwide, a gun-rights group Tuesday endorsed a Republican congressional candidate in a conservative Northwest Florida district on the grounds that she would not compromise on any gun-control measure.

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North Florida’s Republican delegates are weighing in on the state of the party at the National Convention.

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Immigration, debt and national security are the top concerns for three Republican Candidates vying for Florida’s Second Congressional District.

School Board candidate Patrick Cannon qualifies by petition.
P. Cannon

Two more candidates have qualified for the ballot. School Board contender Patrick Cannon and congressional hopeful Ken Sukhia are the latest to submit petitions in order to go before voters.

Nick Evans

Republicans running for the nomination in Florida’s second congressional district took the stage for a debate in Tallahassee Thursday night.

U.S. Representative Gwen Graham (D-FL) says she won't run for re-election in CD 2. Instead, she's considering running for governor in 2018.
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North Florida Congresswoman Gwen Graham is mulling a run for governor. She announced her plans in a video message.

Congresswoman Gwen Graham says she'll file a bill to prevent government shutdowns.
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Federal court is considering a redistricting challenge launched by U.S. Representative Corrine Brown. The case’s outcome could impact Representative Gwen Graham’s decision to run for reelection. 

Mary Thomas announcing her candidacy.
Mary Thomas via Twitter

There’s a new Republican challenger for the North Florida congressional seat currently held by Democrat Gwen Graham.  Scott administration official Mary Thomas announced her candidacy Wednesday in Tallahassee.

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One of the hottest races in the country during the 2014 election cycle is shaping up to be North Florida’s Second Congressional district. The district stretches from Taylor County west to Bay County and Panama City and is largely rural. It’s here, where the current incumbent and Tea-Party backed Republican Congressman is being challenged by an upstart Democrat with a powerful family name.