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The Florida Supreme Court has ruled capital sentences in the state must be unanimous, and it has sent a death row inmate back to court for a new penalty hearing.

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Harvard’s Fair Punishment Project is highlighting a number of counties that are outliers in terms of capital sentencing.  Four of those counties are in Florida.

Outgoing Justice James Perry is voicing opposition to the death penalty.
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The Florida Supreme Court is considering more cases thrown into doubt by a US Supreme Court ruling earlier this year.  Nick Evans reports.

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The Florida Supreme Court Tuesday took up a case that could spell trouble for the state’s new capital sentencing system.  The court is deciding whether Florida should require unanimous jury recommendations for the death penalty.

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A Miami-area judge has ruled Florida’s new capital sentencing scheme is unconstitutional.  The judge found fault with the law’s lack of a unanimity requirement for death sentence recommendations.

The FL Supreme Court took up arguments in this week in a high profile death penalty case.
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In January the U.S. Supreme Court invalidated Florida’s death sentencing system.  Now Florida’s high court is considering how the ruling applies to inmates waiting on death row.  Their decision could change the sentences of nearly four hundred men and women.

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Florida’s high court is deliberating the fate of Timothy Hurst—the death row inmate whose case prompted the U.S. Supreme Court to throw out the Florida’s capital sentencing scheme.  But some on the bench have doubts about newly passed sentencing procedures.

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A man on death row is asking the Supreme Court for a new trial.

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A new capital sentencing system is on its way to the governor.  Wednesday the Senate agreed ten of twelve jurors must concur for the death penalty.

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The Florida Supreme Court put another death row execution on hold Wednesday. 

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The Florida Legislature is on the verge of approving new death penalty procedures.  The Senate is moving ahead with a compromise proposal from the House.

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The Senate took its shot at compromise Wednesday for a new capital sentencing scheme.  The chambers are trying to find common ground between unanimous jury recommendations and a supermajority.

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The House has approved changes to the state’s sentencing system requiring at least ten jurors agree before recommending the death penalty.  But the Senate’s proposal requires unanimity.

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The Florida House is moving forward with a new capital sentencing scheme after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the existing system just over a month ago.  But even with last minute changes, lawmakers are hesitant to completely embrace unanimity.

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Florida is halfway through its legislative session. But the House and Senate have a lot to do before they leave the Capitol.

Lawmakers At Odds Over Death Penalty Reforms

Feb 9, 2016
The Florida Capitol Building from Adams Street
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In its Hurst versus Florida ruling, the US Supreme Court found Florida’s death penalty sentencing scheme unconstitutional. Now it’s up to the Florida Legislature to fix this system, but the question is how.

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Florida’s 389 death row inmates are in limbo after the US Supreme Court invalidated the state’s capital sentencing system.  The top court in Florida has to decide if the ruling applies retroactively.

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The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled Florida’s system for sentencing people to death is unconstitutional.