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North Florida Congressman Al Lawson is launching his Let’s Feed America campaign, which aims to reduce hunger by expanding eligibility and making it easier for those in need to receive access to food. Lawson says 1 out of 4 people in the fifth congressional district have been on the SNAP Program or food stamps this year.

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The 115th Congress took their oaths Tuesday, becoming the most diverse class of lawmakers yet. The cohort includes North Florida’s brand new delegation: Republicans Matt Gaetz of Fort Walton Beach, Neal Dunn of Panama City, and Democrat Al Lawson of Tallahassee. All are freshmen members of Congress, though Gaetz and Lawson both served in the Florida Legislature. Paul Ryan, the newly re-elected Speaker of the House, swore in the representatives together.

Brown Fights Lawson, Prosecutors In Re-Election Bid

Aug 24, 2016
Brown at lectern
Office of Corrine Brown

She has a way of leaning into a question --- literally and sometimes figuratively --- that can make a press conference with Congresswoman Corrine Brown resemble a form of combat. And on a recent night, going back and forth with a reporter after a debate with her two primary opponents, Brown finally had it with a series of questions about a criminal indictment that threatens her decades-long political career.

"Are you a pedophile?" she demanded of the reporter. "No."

The Florida Senate

A new poll of likely voters in Congressional District 5 shows Congresswoman Corrine Brown has a slight edge in a very close race.

The Florida Senate

Congresswoman Corrine Brown is far out-raising her opponent former State Senator Al Lawson, in the Democratic race for Congressional District 5. But a local party leader says money isn’t everything.

U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown announces her federal lawsuit to block new district maps.
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A new poll of North Florida’s Fifth Congressional District shows Jacksonville-based Congresswoman Corrine Brown with a five-point lead over her challenger, former state Senator Al Lawson.

Former Sen. Al Lawson mulls challenge to Congresswoman Corrine Brown.
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Congresswoman Corrine Brown is planning to move out of a redrawn Congressional District Five, and former state Senator Al Lawson is looking to move in.

Former Sen. Al Lawson mulls challenge to Congresswoman Corrine Brown.
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Former North Florida Senator Al Lawson is considering a third Congressional bid. A proposed map of the Fifth Congressional district—which encompasses Jacksonville and parts of Leon County-- could give Lawson an opening.