Will Rocky Run? Former Leon HS Principal Hanna Plans Announcement On Superintendent Race

Jul 31, 2015

Rocky Hanna
Credit Leon County Schools

Former Leon High School Principal Rocky Hanna will soon announce his political intentions. Hanna, now an administrator with the Leon School District, has been rumored as a potential candidate for district superintendent.

Should Hanna jump into Superintendent race, he will join Former Tallahassee Mayor and city commissioner Scott Maddox. The Tallahassee Democrat reports Hanna will announce whether he’ll challenge current Superintendent Jackie Pons, next week.

Pons has already said he plans to run for re-election and hopes the race will stay “clean”. But the possible entry of Hanna—one of the co-authors of the so-called “notebook” of financial improprieties against Pons—could make the Superintendent race one of the most contentious local elections in 2016.

Meanwhile, Maddox has already raised more than $93,000. And Pons, once the most popular local official—has had to battle charges he steered school construction dollars to political allies—charges that have not been substantiated through several reviews.