White Supremacist Requests UF Appearance

Aug 14, 2017

University of Florida President Kent Fuchs is warning about white supremacist Richard Spencer’s request to appear on the Gainesville campus in September -- as the nation mourns the deadly outcome of a similar rally at the University of Virginia.

White supremacist Richard Spencer's National Policy Institute has notified the University of Florida it wants to rent space for a Sept. 12th event on the school's Gainesville campus. A university spokeswoman says no contract has been signed.
Credit Washington Post

Fuchs said in a Facebook statement that university policy allows outside groups to rent space if they pay expenses. A recorded message on a university hotline stresses that while plans are not final, administrators are working with law enforcement to develop a security plan. 

“This speaker’s presence sparks intense concern. We denounce all message of hate and intolerance. The University of Florida is a community of learners, educators and scholars. We encourage open and honest dialogue and we strive to build an inclusive environment.”

Spencer’s National Policy Institute requested space for Sept. 12th. In an email, Fuchs urged students not to engage with the group to limit its media exposure.

A university spokeswoman stressed that no contract has been signed and that administrators are, "exploring all options."