In Wake Of Texas Church Shooting, Local Sheriff Looks To Train Churches On Active Shooters

Nov 10, 2017

Credit iStockphoto

In wake of the recent shooting at a Texas Church, Gadsden County’s sheriff office is working on putting together some training for local churches.

Gadsden County Sheriff’s office spokeswoman Sgt. Angie Hightower says her agency wants concerned churches to just be vigilant and alert to newcomers or a regular member of the church.

“They have to be attentive to the members of the church because people may be going through some issues at home, and instead of just brushing it to the side, be more attentive and be more family oriented to support someone if they’re going through [something],” she said. “That way a person’s emotions won’t build up and they won’t feel like they have to act out.”

Hightower says the sheriff’s office hope to start the trainings sometime next month, and are looking into hiring some professionals to help train for active shooter response. According to Sheriff Morris Young, there will most likely be more than one training to accommodate the whole county.

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