Update: All Clear After Dangerous Situation Reported At TCC’s Public Safety Institute

Jul 9, 2015

Credit TCC

Update: 12:52 p.m.: TCC's Public Safety Institute has been given the all clear after officials evacuated one of the campus buildings due to a bomb threat.

Officials say the evacuation was just a precaution. No bombs were found.


Breaking: Tallahassee Community College is warning students about a dangerous situation at the Florida Public Safety Institute. It's a training facility for state police and corrections officers. A text message sent to students is encouraging everyone to keep away from campus's classroom building.

TCC officials say the alert applies only to the classroom building. Other parts of the campus and the school's main campus remain open. 

Vice President of Communications and Marketing, Al Moran says officials evacuated the building after a student noticed a note hanging from the ceiling of a classroom at about 10:30  a.m. Moran isn't giving details about the contents of the note, but he says it was sufficient to result in a building evacuation and a call to the bomb squad.

He says officials are in the process now of clearing the building for safe reentry.