Trump Trounces Rubio In Florida Poll

Feb 25, 2016

Credit AP/Rainier Ehrhardt

Marco Rubio is getting clobbered by Donald Trump in his home state of Florida, where a Quinnipiac University poll shows the front runner is polling at  an all-time high in the Republican race for president.

Trump's 16 point lead over Rubio in Florida reflects the momentum of the New York billionaire's string of fist place finishes in the last three early-state races. And it blunts the Florida senator's augment that he's  the only candidate who can defeat the front runner in a one-on-one race.

Also, poll Director Peter Brown says the results give more ammunition to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz who is favored by 12 percent and running a distant third in the Florida poll. Brown says it's hard to see how Senator Rubio can win the Republican party's nomination without winning his home state.