Top 25 Women Help Meals4Moms

Jun 14, 2017

Summertime can be a hungry time, especially for low-income families. Now some powerful Tallahassee women have helped launch an new program to bring wholesome meals to families in the city’s Southside Promise Zone.

Some members of Top 25 Women (alums of the Tallahassee Democrat's "25 Women You Need to Know" articles) present their support to Second Harvest of the Big Bend.
Credit Tom Flanigan

On Tuesday (6/13), Second Harvest of the Big Bend Executive Director Rick Minor announced the new Meals4Moms initiative that will take place over a 4-week period.

“Two weeks of planning to identify the moms within the Promise Zone that can receive these meals and then over the course of another two weeks, distribute about 400 meals to those mothers who are in the Promise Zone who are just trying to make things work,” Minor said.

Helping make the program work was a sizeable check from Club 25 Women, whose president is Ericka McKibbin.

“We hope that $1,000 goes a long way to giving moms just what they need, those healthy meals to keep their kids strong (and) doing good work,” she remarked.

Nearly half of the families in Tallahassee’s Southside Promise Zone fall below the federal poverty level and more than 60% of the area’s households report they need outside food report.