Tallahassee Community Chorus Welcoming New Members

Aug 23, 2017

If you’ve ever wanted to sing in a world-class choral group, here’s your chance. The national-award-winning Tallahassee Community Chorus is opening its ranks to new members.

Tallahassee Community Chorus Director Dr. Andre Thomas
Credit www.drandrethomas.com

For all of its 30 years of existence, the Chorus has been under the directorship of the legendary Dr. Andre Thomas who noted the chorus has been steadily building a legend of its own.

“Most recently recognized when we received the 2017 American Prize for community choruses in the United States,” he pointed out.

Still, Thomas emphasized the Chorus takes great pains to reflect its community and is not limited to professional-level singers.

“It’s intergenerational from 16 year olds to 85-plus. And I used to say, ‘If you can walk through the door, you can be in the choir.’ Now I say, ‘If you can get through the door, you can be in the choir.’”

Chorus President Jan Smith said the qualifications to join are by no means extreme.

“We’re looking for folks who love to sing who can commit to two hours of rehearsals every Monday night from now until the end of April and we’ll start on Monday, August 28th at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Alfriend Hall.”

Smith said there’s no obligation. But this is a good chance to check out the group before making a commitment.

“We start registration at 6:30 p.m. and start rehearsal promptly at 7:30,” she said. “And then we’ll have two more registration opportunities on September 11th and 18th, so if you just want to come and see what it’s like on the 28th and not sign up yet, you can do that.”

Community Chorus Executive Director Randall Webster said this is also an opportunity for former members to reconnect, or for supporters to sing along with their wallets.

“We’re looking for alumni of the Chorus to maybe come back and join the fold and then anyone who wants to contribute we have a special program ‘Thirty-for-Thirty’; $30 for 30 (years) contributions can be made.”