Tallahassee Community Chorus Sings for Eldercare Services

Nov 16, 2017

Tallahassee has one of the nation’s best community singing groups. That Community Chorus will be presenting its Fall Concert program this coming Sunday, Nov. 19, at Florida State University’s Ruby Diamond Concert Hall.

Tallahassee's Community Chorus on stage.
Credit youtube.com

Community Chorus Board of Directors President Jan Smith said the song selections for this performance will be a careful mix of the “sacred” and “profane.”

“We are presenting two major works. One by Felix Mendelssohn, ‘Psalm 42,’ which is the setting of the 42nd Psalm. That will be in German and is a pretty spiritual work. And the second major work are the ‘Five Mystical Songs’ by Vaughn Williams.”

Smith added the Chorus has some special bonus selections on the program, too.

“And then we’ll do two additional pieces by Vaughn Williams: ‘Whether Men do Laugh or Weep,’ which is very popular; and then ‘The Wedding Chorus’ from ‘In Windsor’s Forest.’ So they will be a little different and a bit of a departure from the spiritual. So it’s a mix, some spiritual some secular that’s there for everyone.”

Legendary Music Director and Conductor Andre Thomas will be stepping away from the podium for this performance. Smith said a special guest will be wielding the baton on Sunday.

“Dr. Anton Armstrong from St. Olaf College will be on the podium conducting us, so it’s going to be a wonderful performance and a great way to open our 30th Anniversary Season, I think.”

That’s an observance, says Chorus Executive Director Randall Webster, that carries with it a great deal of significance.

“An amazing history going back and looking through it to see where they started and where we are now. And to be one of the premiere choral ensembles really in the world; performing internationally, performing choral masterworks, bringing something to Tallahassee that many, many communities across our country don’t have an opportunity to hear.”

Community Chorus Board President Jan Smith said the next performance is just days away.

“Sunday, November 19th at 4 p.m. in Ruby Diamond Concert Hall. And if you come a little early, you can join us for a patron appreciation reception that will be catered by Uptown Café Catering. Punch and cookies to appreciate our patrons, many of whom have supported us for our whole 30 years and some may be joining us for the first time.”

And since the word “Community” is in the chorus’s name, Smith said this will also be a benefit event.

“And we’re also partnering with Elder Care Services so we’d like patrons to bring a non-perishable food item to help restock their emergency food pantry; that’d be great! We’ll have bins and Elder Care Services folks there in the lobby.”

All in all, a very “tasty” way to spend a Sunday afternoon.