Students protest tuition increases, push for more representation on BOG

Jan 19, 2012

Some students are voicing their opposition to proposals like increasing tuition for STEM degrees and a bill that would allow the governor to pick the student representative of the board that oversees all 11 public universities. Lynn Hatter reports the group took their complaints to the Board of Governors Thursday.

The students say they want more representation on the Board of Governors. They’re also against a constitutional amendment proposal that would allow the governor to appoint the student representative to the board. Michael Sampson a student at Florid State University, says he’s also against tuition increases.

“Students don’t have the means right now. Youth unemployment I believe is up more so now that it was in the past decade. And raising tuition on anyone is an issue that I don’t think should happen.”

 Governor Rick Scott has proposed freezing tuition this year, although universities still have the ability to raise their rates. Lawmakers have also been hearing from some institutions that they’d like to charge more for STEM degrees, because those majors cost more to run.