State Fire Marshal Continues Investigation Into Book Mine Blaze

Dec 19, 2017

Credit LHatter / WFSU News

The state fire marshal’s office is continuing its investigation into the cause of the fire that took down the Book Mine on Gaines Street. A spokesman for investigators says it’s still too early to know what caused the blaze.

A pile of twisted metal, charred wood and burned books where the Book Mine once stood. The building is a total loss and state investigators say they’ve taken samples to determine what started the fire. Investigators are trying to determine how and where the fire started and are analyzing burn patterns to identify what if any accelerants could have been used. But a spokesman for the Florida Department of Financial services, which oversees the fire marshal’s office, cautions if an accelerant is identified that does not necessarily mean it is a cause of the fire.

Investigators are interviewing people in and around the area at the time of the fire.

The building and area has been under increasing development pressure and the Book Mine was one of the few remaining locally-owned buildings in the area.