State, County Talks So Far Over Florida's Election Process 'Open and Cordial'

Nov 15, 2012

Talks over Florida’s election process have started between the state’s top election official and county supervisors. And, both sides say there’s still more work to do.

The Governor recently tasked Florida Department of State head Ken Detzner to meet with county elections supervisors. And, Ron Labasky with the Florida State Association of Supervisors says their discussion so far has been open and cordial.

“We both understand the problems. I think that we both see that there may be solutions, perhaps to the issue of early voting, trying eliminate the number of things that may be on the ballot, so we don’t have 4,5,6 page ballots, like they do down in South Florida," said Labasky. "So, I think there are certainly places where we’re going to have a meeting of the minds.”

Some other areas under consideration into are the number of early voting days as well as expanding early voting locations. Governor Rick Scott says he also wants more concrete information on why several counties had long lines and had delays in reporting results. Detzner and county supervisors expect to meet again in mid-December.

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