A Spiritual Refuge Amidst the Political Turmoil

Nov 8, 2016

A downtown Tallahassee church is offering stressed-out voters a refuge away from all the election craziness.

The chapel at St. John's Episcopal Church.
Credit Tom Flanigan

St. John’s Episcopal Church chapel will be open as long as the polls are. The church’s bells greeted the dawn of this Election Day with a stirring rendition of “America the Beautiful”. Meanwhile, Rector Father Dave Killeen says the church’s chapel will stay open all day today for those feeling the strain of too much politics.

“I had folks tell me they were literally losing sleep over this election, so what we decided St. John’s could offer is a place of peace; a place where people could come together in unity and prayer,” he smiled.

A prayer that for many might simply be, “Please, dear God, make it stop.”