Solar Advocates Spy An Amendment 4 Cloud

Mar 24, 2017

After winning big at the ballot box in November, solar energy supporters are worried a House proposal could dim the victory.

Amendment 4 supporters garnered nearly 73 percent of the vote without a substantial media campaign. Now advocates are concerned about regulations in an implementing bill.

Nearly 73 percent of voters supported Amendment 4 and its expanded tax breaks for solar power. But critics say regulations tucked into Representative Ray Rodrigues’ implementing bill could hamstring the solar industry. Rethink Energy’s Kim Ross suspects a hidden agenda.

“We’re concerned that it’s actually going to be an opportunity for our utilities to come in and roll back net metering. So we want to work with Representative Rodrigues and make sure that it’s a good, clean bill that people voted for.”

Rodrigues says he wants the Public Service Commission to protect consumers by imposing performance and disclosure regulations. But Ross and others say the bill could lead to higher charges for utility customers who install solar.