Senator urges Gov to take action on Cuba-Syria ban bill

Apr 27, 2012

A Florida Senator is urging Governor Rick Scott to sign a bill into law that he says would send a message that Florida doesn’t do business with countries on the U-S terrorist list. As Sascha Cordner reports, he wants Florida taxpayers to stop investing in corporations and companies, that are doing business with Cuba and Syria.

Senator Rene Garcia says it’s strange a bill that the Florida Legislature unanimously supported now has critics, who include ambassadors from Canada and Brazil as well as different Chambers of Commerce from across the nation. He says they’ve been putting pressure on the Governor to veto the bill because they claim there are constitutional concerns that the state is overstepping its power. But, Garcia disagrees:

“I really don’t believe that there’s any constitutionality issues with it. And, we’re not saying they can’t do business in the state of Florida in the private sector. They can come and do businesses in the private sector all they want. We’re just saying that us as a state with public monies refuse to invest or do business with companies with ties to Cuba and Syria.”

The Governor has until May 5th to take action on the bill.