Science Festival Packs Kleman Plaza

Oct 30, 2017

University of Florida Researcher Dr. Andy Kane had his microscope set up to show the complexities of clam and oyster shells.

The Sixth Annual Tallahassee Science Festival
Credit Tom Flanigan

"There are so many different ways that we can engage with the different sciences here that even for the little kids it's an opportunity to say, 'What did you see?' and then talk about it on their terms."

Kane's was among one-hundred demonstration booths at Kleman Plaza Saturday for the 6th Annual Tallahassee Science Festival. In front of the Challenger Learning Center was a group of telescopes from the Tallahassee Astronomical Society. There the Society's Ken Kopczynski was helping young and old view the seething cauldron that is our sun.

"This scope over here is a very special scope," he said, indicating one of the smaller instruments set up for observation. "It's called the hydrogen-alpha scope so it looks at one wavelength of light that hydrogen puts out. So you can see the prominences and all the detail of the sun itself, so that's really cool!"

The event brought thousands of kids and grownups to conduct their own observations and experiments and learn how fun science can be.