Rehwinkel Vasilinda Defends Trump Support On Facebook

Oct 26, 2016

Outgoing Tallahassee state Representative Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda is explaining why she’s against Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Rehwinkel Vasilinda was elected as a Democrat, but switched to No Party Affiliation in September.

She appeared this week with Donald Trump at his Tallahassee rally, but since then, has faced backlash on social media. In a Wednesday post on facebook, Rehwinkel Vasilinda says Hillary Clinton lost her support when Clinton voted for the War in Iraq in 2002.

“It was very disturbing and very concerning. I thought I knew her better than that. I thought she was smarter, more sophisticated and should have known better.”

My vote and decision to speak out... My... - Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda | Facebook

My vote and decision to speak out... My conscience would not allow me to vote for Hillary Clinton. She lost my confidence and disqualified herself for...

Rehwinkel Vasilinda says she believes there’s a silent majority of people who support the Republican Presidential nominee but aren’t willing to say so because of the vitriol surrounding the campaign. She's called Trump "fascinating" and says she’s never been  “a good partisan”.

During her time in the Florida legislature, Rehwinkel-Vasilinda supported guns of campus and offshore oil drilling.  

“Party should never come before country. And there’s been many times over the years that I have observed politics and been in politics, that I have seen a loyalty to party over what would be good for the county, and I can tell you many stories about things that occurred in in the legislature where I thought that was the case. And it’s on both sides.”