Plakon among top ten House candidate political contribution earners

Apr 11, 2012

Lawmakers are now scrambling to raise money for their re-election campaigns. As Sascha Cordner reports, one incumbent lawmaker is catching up with new candidates, who got an earlier start.

Republican Representative Scott Plakon says in just 12 days, he managed to raise 53-thousand dollars for his own campaign, thanks to 200 contributors.

“And, if you look at the report, almost three quarters of it was from the central Florida community. So, I think it’s simply a reflection that the people in Central Florida believe in what I’m doing, and they agree with what I’m doing and we’re looking forward to having a big quarter again. We’ve already scheduled five fundraisers for this quarter and plan on having many, many more.”

Plakon is in the top ten for the House candidates who raised the most contributions within the first quarter. The other top 9 earners were non-incumbents, who spent the whole of the January 1st through March 31st raising money. Plakon, though, had a bit of a disadvantage because this year’s Legislative Session fell during the 1st quarter. Under Florida law, lawmakers are not allowed to raise funds while the Legislature is in Session.