Pension bill not likely to pass this year

Feb 24, 2012

A bill meant to lower the retirement age of special risk employees back to what it was a year ago is more or less dead in the Florida Legislature. Sascha Cordner has more.

After a move by the Senate to stall the measure, the House sponsor, Republican Representative Ritch Workman, withdrew his proposal from consideration in its last committee stop.

“I have learned that our friends in the Senate, in my opinion, who have completely misunderstood this bill, have chosen to punt. As a result, it is my belief that this bill will not progress in the Senate and in deference to your time, I respectfully request to TP the bill at this time.”

A pension reform bill, passed out of the Legislature last year, contained a controversial provision that increased the retirement age for police and firefighters to 60, after 30 years of service. Workman’s bill would have returned the retirement to 55 years of age, after 25 years of service. However, due to concerns raised about how to offset some of the costs by changing the age back, the Senate companion stalled in its first committee stop. SOC