One Month Left To Apply For Hermine Recovery Money

May 9, 2017

Credit Regan McCarthy WFSU News

There’s just a month left for Tallahassee residents to apply for Hermine Disaster recovery money through the State Housing Initiative Partnership, or SHIP.

City officials say they’ve earmarked $126,000 dollars for distribution to homeowners, but thousands more remain up for grabs. Michael Parker is the Tallahassee director for Community Housing and Human Services.

“Now there is some eligibility criteria because the SHIP program, which is providing the funds is to assist affordable housing, so in order to be eligible for the funds, the recipients have to qualify as low-income, and that’s on a sliding scale adjusted to family size,” Parker said.

Eligible homes must also not exceed an assessed value of $147,000. And residents must be able to provide proof the damage to their home is a result of Hermine. Parker encourages those who have questions or need help applying to contact his office. He says even if someone is not eligible for assistance through the Hermine funds, there could be another program that could help them out.