One Of Florida's First Female Doctors Honored With 'Great Floridian' Award

Jun 13, 2013

Governor Rick Scott is honoring a Tallahassee woman for the significant contributions she’s made to Florida. Scott recognized one of the state’s first female doctors with a “Great Floridian” award Wednesday.

Dr. Charlotte Maguire has had many distinctions throughout her life. She was one of Orlando’s first female doctors in the 1950s and the 93-year-old practiced medicine for 50 years. And, Governor Rick Scott says she’s also truly a “Great Floridian” for her work in helping to create two medical schools in Florida.

“It’s wonderful to be here to be here with an individual who has given her life to help others. And, clearly known as the ‘Mother of Florida Medical Schools,’ and has done a great job at the University of Florida and right here at FSU,” said Scott.

“And, I’ve had some opportunities. That’s what they are. It’s a real honor to be here," added Dr. Maguire.

Maguire is one of 23 people who’s been honored with the award this year. She joins the ranks of those like Tim Tebow, Lily Pulitzer, and Walt Disney. Since 1981, 89 people have received the “Great Floridian” award.

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