Omnibus Abortion Bill Remains On Hold While Judge Decides

Aug 18, 2016

Credit Florida Planned Parenthood Alliance via Facebook

A wide ranging abortion measure will remain on hold after a teleconference Thursday.  A federal judge put the law on hold in June, and is still deliberating whether it should be thrown out. 

Planned Parenthood official Laura Goodhue says her organization brought the challenge to ensure it could continue offering non-abortion services. 

“The Planned Parenthood affiliates in Florida had asked relief in federal court so that they could continue providing preventive care to low income Floridians,” Goodhue explains, “such as breast and cervical cancer screening, birth control, STI and HIV testing.”

Existing law blocks public funds from paying for abortion procedures, but the new measure goes further.  It would block any and all public funding if an organization is connected with performing abortions, even if the funding supports different activity.