Officials Seek Input On Direction Lowndes/Valdosta Transportation Plan Is Taking

Jul 13, 2015

Credit credit: Valerie Renee

The Southern Georgia Regional Commission is asking for public input on its latest transportation plan. The so called “transportation vision” includes funding for new sidewalks, bike lanes and an urban public transportation system in Valdosta.

Something different about this plan is that it looks to positively impact non-transportation areas of the community, such as education and economic development. Corey Hall is the transportation planner.

“A good example of that is exit-two on I-75 near the city of Lake Park in Lowndes County. We have both an interchange improvement there as well as a roadway widening for that particular roadway,” Hall says.

Hall says that will help increase access to two large distribution centers in the area. And He says that improvement could encourage future development in the surrounding industrial parks.

Hall says the plan includes $90-million for a proposed public transit system in Valdosta.

“Having a transit system, that gives individuals better access to education. They could have better access to our technical school, which is not located in the heart of our community, it’s actually located on the outskirts of our city,” Hall says.

The plan, which is budgeted out for spending over the next 25 years, also includes $400-million for new roadway and bridge projects, and $580-million for maintenance. Those wishing to view or give comments on the plan can do so online or at an upcoming open house. The next open house is scheduled for this Wednesday at the South Georgia Regional library from 4 to 7 in the evening.