Numbers Point To A DL Restoration Clinic Success

Aug 2, 2017

The numbers are in and organizers say a recent driver’s license restoration clinic at the Leon County Courthouse Annex was a resounding success.

Leon County Judge Layne Smith is calling for another driver's license restoration clinic on Friday, Oct. 13th.

Some 237 motorists with suspended or revoked licenses got some form of help and 20 had their driving privileges restored.

Leon County Judge Layne Smith says scores of Big Bend motorists were put on the path to driving legally again through payment plans or by agreeing to perform community service.  

“If it effects one life positively and you take somebody that otherwise life was in the ditch, and you get them back fully functioning, it’s a success. Now, we’re going to do much better than that.”

Despite rumors of a law enforcement sting, there were zero arrests, Smith says. That should boost participation in the next clinic, on Friday, October 13th.