North Florida's Republican Delegates Optimistic About Party's Future

Jul 19, 2016

North Florida’s Republican delegates are weighing in on the state of the party at the National Convention.

Donald Trump makes a campaign stop in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

The Panhandle’s Republican delegates say the party is strong and united behind Donald Trump. The delegates are expected to select Trump as their party's presidential nominee later today. Evan Power of Leon County, Thelma Rohan of Bay and Clint Pate of Jackson County are representing Congressional District 2 in Cleveland this week. It's the first convention for 70 year old Rohan, a life-long party member.

"It's really exciting. It's surreal to know that you're in the middle of something. It's like reading history and being a part of it at the same time," she said.

After rubbing elbows with party activists from across the country, Evan Power is confident about the GOP’s future.              

“At the end of the day, when this younger generation goes to work, and if we can deliver a presidency that grows wages, gives a better economy for them, and they realize that the government’s taxing them at a high rate, they’re gonna understand what it’s like to work hard and earn money and not want the government to steal that money. So I think it’s a matter of education and leading,” he said.

But pundits say the GOP is fighting a rising tide of demographics, and must change to survive. According to the Pew Research Center, the country’s electorate is becoming younger and more racially diverse, populations with a Democratic bent.