New Exhibit Shows What Tallahassee Might Have Been

Aug 2, 2018

As Tallahassee wrestles with what its future will look like, the city’s state Capitol Complex could have looked very different than what it does today.

Just a few of the many artifacts that were part of Florida's Old Capitol over the years, including an amazingly elaborate toilet.
Credit Tom Flanigan

Several versions of those different realities are now on display as part of the Florida Historic Capitol Museum’s latest exhibit called “Demo by Design.” Museum Director Tiffany Baker said there are also incredible artifacts from the old Capitol Building itself, which today looks the way it did in 1902.

“While we focus a lot on the 1902 interpretation in this space, what you learn in this exhibit is that there was so much more happening before and after that moment.”

Baker added these remnants have been in storage for years. But she was quick to add significant Capitol building artifacts are elsewhere.

“There are also private homes all over the state that have pieces of this building and we’re hoping to discover what items are out there in the world through this exhibit and programming efforts.”

You might want to check in your attic and closets to see if any part of the Old Capitol might be lurking there. “Demo by Design” is on display at the Florida Historic Capitol Museum through mid-October.