National Hurricane Center Head Has Tips For Residents Who Could Be Impacted By Hermine

Sep 1, 2016

Credit NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center/MGN

The head of the National Hurricane Center has a message for those who could be impacted by Tropical Storm Hermine.

In addition to the regular precautions people should be taking, NHC Director Rick Knabb says there are few things people should also be aware of.

“If you are in the path of some of the hazards of Hermine,” Knabb said, in a video message. “Don’t just focus on the fact that wind could be an issue, let’s focus on the water hazards: storm surge in the coastal area and heavy rainfall, inland flooding in inland areas of Northern Florida and Southern Georgia, and a tornado potential. This is not just a coastal event. And, last thing is if you are in one of these coastal areas where there is an evacuation instruction from local officials, you evacuate as soon as you get that instruction.”

Knabb also encourages residents to keep on checking for updates throughout the day on Hermine.