Multi-State Nursing Compact Gets Nod In Healthcare Committee

Jan 11, 2016

Pictured: College of DuPage Nursing student Monashay Pertee, April 2013
Credit COD Newsroom

Florida’s nursing profession could see some new recruits.  A plan to let Florida join a multi-state licensure compact is working its way through the legislature.

Under the plan by Republican Representative Cary Pigman, nurses who receive their certification in a participating state could also practice in Florida without having to go through additional training. The aim is meant to recruit more nurses, and Pigman says he sees more upsides than drawbacks.

“It would allow Florida to have access to what’s going on in 25 other states, potentially 30 states, whereas now we’re just aware of what’s going on in our own state with regards to investigations of licensure," he said.

The bill would let Florida offer the multi-state license option. The move is part of ongoing state efforts to lower healthcare costs while increasing patient access to physicians.