Mangum Confirmed As FAMU's Next President

Feb 20, 2014

Credit LHatter / WFSU News

The Florida Board of Governors Thursday confirmed the appointment of Dr. Elmira Mangum to the presidency of Florida A&M University.  At the hearing, board member Matthew Carter asked Mangum how she plans to improve graduation rates among ‘profile admits’ – an alternative admission program for students who wouldn’t normally qualify.

“If we’re going to take a profile admit,” Carter said, “I think we have a moral imperative to graduate these students.”

Mangum says supporting these students requires the university to be more proactive in its advising.

“We need to meet these students at their point of need, so the diagnostic testing that I mentioned earlier, that will take place, but also enhance the advising that they receive – connecting them with – um – their preparation with the programs that we offer,” Mangum said.

Mangum was confirmed unanimously by the Board of Governors.