Local Businesses Come Together To Install Solar For Local Charity

Jul 31, 2014

Here's the ribbon cutting ceremony at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Big Bend.
Credit Nick Evans

A Tallahassee youth mentoring organization needed a little help to get its solar project off the ground and onto the roof - they got plenty.

Last year a local company offered to donate solar panels for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Big Bend building, but a long list of renovations – including a new roof – were necessary first.  A number of local businesses pitched in time and materials to complete the project.  The youth organization’s CEO Louis Garcia says they can use the money they save on power to better serve kids.

“Our projection is that over 90% of our electricity bill will be covered,” Garcia says.  “We’ll see once the monitoring starts kicking in – they’re working, we’ve confirmed that.  Once we get the first bill, we’ll see how much it took off, but we’re hoping it’s almost all of it.”

Garcia says they’re expecting to save about $200 a month with solar.