Lawmakers Send A Message To Postal Workers

Mar 6, 2015

The state’s rural letter carriers could get a special delivery from the Legislature soon. A Senate panel this week passed a bill by Senator Greg Evers, a Republican from Baker, promising to make them less restrained.

Sen. Greg Evers, R-Baker, wants to let rural letter carriers go seatbelt-free.
Credit Florida Senate

Driving through potholes and around ruts is hard enough. But delivering mail in the state’s back woods has another pain in the neck, strapping in and strapping out of the car with each delivery. Evers’ bill would grant some relief – exempting them from seatbelt laws.

Evers’s legislative aide, Dave Murzin, presented the bill for Evers before a Senate panel this week, and acknowledged it isn’t the most burning issue.

“160 exempts rural letter carriers employed by the U.S. Postal Service from mandatory seatbelt usage requirements while serving a designated rural postage route…Isn’t that exciting?”

The bill passed with no debate. If there is any opposition, it buckled under pressure.