Lawmakers Agree To Enhanced Penalties For Assaulting Real Estate Agents

Nov 6, 2015

Credit iStockphoto

Real estate agents who are assaulted while showing properties would have more protections under a bill sponsored by Rep. Kathleen Passidomo (R-Naples).

“House Bill 47 increases penalties for violent offenses committed against realtors while they are in the act of showing a property or conducting an open house,” she said during a recent House Criminal Justice Subcommittee meeting. “The offenses are reclassified by an increase of one degree. This is consistent with protected classes, such as sports officials, code inspectors, persons of age 65 and older.”

Under her bill, the reclassified offenses include felony or misdemeanor violations for different types of assault or battery. The measure recently passed its first House committee. Its Senate companion has not yet had a hearing.

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