House Speaker: Leave Congressional Map Decision To The Judge

Sep 8, 2015

The so-called base map from the 2015 congressional redistricting special session.
Credit FL Senate District Explorer

Florida House Speaker Steve Crisafulli extinguished any remaining flickers of hope that state lawmakers could come together and approve a congressional map ahead of a circuit court hearing.

Since the Florida Supreme Court’s September 4 order, it’s been pretty clear Circuit Judge Terry Lewis would be the one determining which congressional map goes before the justices for final approval.  But although unlikely, the Legislature still could’ve taken the initiative to re-call a session and approve some consensus proposal.  Tuesday House Speaker Steve Crisafulli notified anyone still holding their breath to stop.  In a letter to members he says without an extension of the Supreme Court’s 100 day timeline, it would be impossible for the House and Senate to come to terms.  The matter comes before Judge Lewis September 24.