Healthy Communities; Healthy People

Apr 24, 2017

The Capital City marked Earth Day with a Healthy Communities event at Cascades Park on Saturday (4/22).

Lemonade produced from locally grown surplus lemons was part of Saturday's Healthy Communities festival at Cascades Park.
Credit Tom Flanigan

A key message of the happening was the link between environmental and personal health. There was also some cool science, as volunteers from the Mag Lab were demonstrating electromagnetic forces to fascinated passers by. There was plenty of natural science, too. Like the kind shared by City of Tallahassee TAPP Coordinator Courtney Schoen at her booth.

"We really just start talking to people here to get them to be aware of all the water bodies in Tallahassee and how each of our actions can actually add up to impact the water in a negative way if we're not careful," she said.

Constant performances by local musicians and dancers kept the spirit festive throughout the day.