Greyhound Injury Reporting Bill Quick Out Of The Starting Gate

Jan 21, 2015

Credit Rainer Hungershausen

Florida Senate President Andy Gardiner expects a bill tracking racing greyhound injuries to be one of the first bills passed this year. The measure got an initial approval from a panel of senators Wednesday.

The bill would require the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation to keep records of injured racing greyhounds. The bill’s sponsor Senator Eleanor Sobel (D-Hollywood) says the move creates transparency in what she calls a lose-lose industry.

“Everyone loses when dogs race – the tracks the, the state, tax payers and especially the dogs. Let’s make this year the one that we make a step toward ending this barbaric practice, which again hurts our state taxpayers,” Sobel says.

Sobel says the measure will provide information to officials who would be able track injuries and notice any red flags that might indicated a deeper investigation is needed. Meanwhile, animal rights activists are raising concerns the bill doesn’t do enough to protect greyhounds or stop injuries before they happen.