Gretchen Everhart Builds Park For Disabled Students, Neighborhood

May 16, 2017

Gretchen Everhart School
Credit Spencer Parlier

The students of Gretchen Everhart School will soon be able to enjoy a new park on their campus. The park is funded by an anonymous six-figure donation, and will serve the outside community as well.

The Everhart Excellence Foundation will build the park off of Mission Road in Tallahassee. While it may be located on the campus of Gretchen Everhart School, Foundation Chairman Brett Ketchum said the Owl Landing Park will be open to the surrounding neighborhood.

“I think this will also help to strengthen that bond. The residents around here take a lot of pride in the school and the mission they do here, and the school takes a lot pride in the neighborhood around, and I think this will kinda help to solidify that relationship,” said Ketchum.

Gretchen Everhart is home to around two-hundred mentally handicapped students who reside in six nearby counties. Ketchum’s son attends the school.