Gov's decision to "rank" elections officers angers some

Apr 27, 2012

Some Florida’s elections supervisors are protesting the governor’s efforts to rank them. Regan McCarthy reports the supervisors claim it feels to them like the governor is trying to take some control of the election process.

Governor Rick Scott has created a ranking system for the state’s election supervisors. It’s based on things like how quickly counties turned in elections results following the January Presidential Primary. Leon County Elections Supervisor Ion Sancho says the governor’s task force on elections doesn’t want the supervisors to be involved in the political process.

 “And that seems to be precisely the direction that the Florida legislature and the governor is going in right now—more political control by Tallahassee bureaucrats. Over a process that really should be controlled by local officials electable to and accountable to the citizens of Florida.”

Sancho says he and other supervisors have written a letter to the governor asking him to reconsider what they call a “flawed” ranking method.