Gov OK's more lotto games at vending centers

Apr 23, 2012

Searching for a lottery ticket? Floridians will soon have more options, thanks to a measure signed Friday by Governor Rick Scott. Regan McCarthy reports the bill lets stores install vending machines that sell all kinds of lottery tickets including Powerball tickets, and others that were previously for sale only behind the counter.

Representative Ken Roberson, a Republican from Port Charlotte, sponsored the bill. He says his hope is the “full service machines” will entice big box stores, which he says should lead to more ticket sales and more money for the state. Revenue estimators say expect an increase of about 8.1 million in the first year. Critics have called the move an increase in gambling, but Roberson disagrees.

“This is simply a distribution method, not an expansion. I mean we’re already selling these. This is just a distribution method.”

Revenue earned from the lottery goes the Education Enhancement Trust Fund. Governor Rick Scott supported the measure. He has advocated for an increase in lottery ticket sales.