Gov Honors Strozier Shooting First Responders

Apr 26, 2016

Credit Florida Governor's Office

Florida Governor Rick Scott is honoring six local police officers for their actions during a shooting at Strozier library in 2014.  Tuesday he awarded them the governor’s medal of heroism.

“The officers confronted the gunman and ordered him to drop his firearm, the gunman then started to fire at the officers at which point they were able to return fire, killing the gunman," Scott said.  "Thanks to their quick action and their selfless commitment to protecting Floridians, these officers were able to save lives—many lives.”

Those recognized are Sergeant Roy Wiley and Officers Daniel Cutchins, Orenthya Sloan, Oma Nations, and Parise Adams from Florida State University Police Department, and Officer Wayne Staats from Tallahassee Police Department.