FWC Partners With Waste Pro To Promote Bear Resistant Trashcans

Aug 17, 2016

The FWC's David Telesco says the lids on bear resistant trashcans are reinforced so bears can't easily cave them in.
Credit Regan McCarthy WFSU News

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has signed a memorandum of understanding with Waste Pro in a move officials say will increase the availability of bear resistant trashcans.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission chairman Brian Yablonski says garbage is a major driver of human bear interactions.

“Unsecure trashcans to bears are like going to an all you can eat country buffet. It’s all easy and it’s all spread out for you for the taking. And that’s actually when the trouble starts with bears. These interactions can escalate. We can have injuries to live stock, pets. We’ve had human injuries related to this directly as well,” Yablonski says.

The FWC is encouraging those who live in areas with active bear populations to take precautions to keep bears from dining on their garbage. Officials say one solution is waiting until the morning your garbage is due to be picked up before putting it out. Another is using bear resistant trashcans.